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Book Review for The Official CNA Resume and Cover Letters Manual by John Rodgers

CNA Resume and Cover Letter BookBeing a fresher like me, one of the most common struggles we have when it comes to our career venture is probably the part of making our application documents and the interview part. Nine months ago, I passed the certification exam and purposely worked as a volunteer along with my aunt, cos she’s a social worker in Oregon. After five months, I decided to leave the organization I am volunteering with and started hunting for much better opportunities in our city. I feel glad that I had that nice experience with the team and I did learned a lot of things from the real world of nursing assistants but I still see myself as someone who is inferior. Despite the fact that I am fresher and don’t have much experiences in my field, I don’t want to sound one when doing my resume and cover letter. I don’t want to look weak when those people read my cover letter and resume, so my goal was to at least come up with a confident, impressive and solid resume and cover letter to impress them despite the minimal experience I have. So even if they read that I am an entry-level CNA, I want those people to find that ‘wow factor’ in my preliminary introduction. I want to make the best first impression among my competitors, because I know my competitors are also doing their best. Thankfully, my friend’s sister recommended this manual Official CNA Resume and Cover Letters Manual Book.

The practical tips and resources of this book were so helpful to me.

You will find unique tips that you can use to create an effective resume and cover letter. The templates were impressive and they don’t look generic. In my case, what I did was combining some essential points from the templates that perfectly suit my capabilities. Without these templates, it would be hard for me to choose strong words to use in my documents, it would be hard for me to create a good formatting, it would be hard for me to finish a satisfying document that can make me feel confident to compete with the others, including the experienced ones. Although it took me few days before I perfected my desired CNA resume and cover letter but everything was worth it.

This was my emergency kit during that time because everything I needed for CNA resume and cover letter-making was here!!!

To all CNAs out there, don’t rely on generic resumes and cover letters cos no matter how hard you push yourselves into those things it won’t help you win the game. Remember, if you want to catch the best opportunities and join the best team, make sure you work hard for it and show that you deserve that spot, and the primary step to achieve that is by having an attention-grabbing application documents plus a well-prepared interview answers. So I highly recommend this book to my fellow CNAs because this manual is truly tailored for our profession.…

Building Self- Confidence – Tips for Nurses

confident nurse

Even before you became a nurse, from the time when you just started studying, building self-confidence was already encouraged by your teachers and mentors and even by your parents. This is because confidence helps an individual achieve his goals and dreams in life. Self-doubt will usually lead you to many failures. It won’t make you progressive, it won’t reward you anything or worse, it will make your life miserable.

If you want to work as a nurse, make sure that you have bucketful of self-confidence within yourself when choose to pursue this career.

Self confidence makes a difference

–  you can speak up when you’re unfairly treated
–  you can efficiently and effectively deliver your work
–  you can work with other teams efficiently
–  you strive for positive changes
–  you are more enthusiastic and happy
–  you can easily tackle life’s challenges.

But it’s hard… I find it really hard to build self confidence.

Well, I think you just can’t accept to yourself that you are being challenged because building self-confidence when you’re not a confident person is a BIG challenge to you. You’re not used into challenges that is why.

Slowly building your self-confidence

  • First, you need to acknowledge that you are weak and then try to slowly practice trusting yourself.
  • Try to remove self-doubt in your everyday life and encourage yourself to talk more with people around you, but not to the point that you’re invading someone’s privacy. Yes, I’m talking about being a chatter here, practice often and eventually you’ll get used to it until it becomes a habit.
  • Aside from engaging into small talks, try to practice listening too.
  • Curiosity and participation can also help boosts your self-confidence, so try to be more engaged to different nursing activities.
  • Get out from your comfort zone and try to accept new challenges in your life. Don’t always say no to unusual things but rather say YES, I accept! Once you accept new challenges in life, you are learning something new.

I hope that this simple guide will help you in building your self confidence. Although we have our own different ways of building confidence, the most important thing is that you’re making a move now into making yourself a better person, a better nurse in the society.…

A Career as Traveling CNA

CNATraveling from one place to another is a dream for some people. How much more if you earn while traveling, that’s more interesting right, and you probably have heard about traveling nurses and if you’re working as a Certified Nursing Assistant or CNA, you probably have thought of working as a traveling nurse as well. But you’re a CNA right? How will that be possible?

We’ve previously posted about starting a career as travel nurse and now we’d like to let you know that CNA’s can travel too and earn at the same time. Considering that there are many health facilities in some regions that are experiencing staff shortage for CNAs, then it really is needed to have qualified CNAs that can perform the duties to work in their facility. But remember, as a traveling CNA you need to understand that there are some things that could possibly affect certain aspects in your personal life once you choose this particular job. So you need to identify these things first and settle it before applying to become one.

You need to identify to yourself first if you are 100 percent dedicated into working as a traveling CNA. If you can then that’s good.

How about your personal life are you married or in a relationship that won’t be affected by your absence for some time?

Do you have children that you think can handle their own personal life even if you’re away from them for a long time?

These are some things that you need to look into before deciding a career as a traveling CNA and there are some more things that you need to evaluate base on your personal life.

checklistAs soon as you have evaluated everything in your life including your personal life, your dedication, your skills and your qualification, then you may start finding a trusted agency that has satisfactory feedback and has reasonable contract agreement. Once you find an agency, make sure you carefully read their agreements and evaluate if it’s something that looks fair to you.

Hope this simple guide can help you get started into your career as a traveling CNA. If you can successfully perform your work as a traveling CNA, then chances of getting another traveling assignment is possible. Being a traveling nurse doesn’t just give you a chance to explore different places but this could also maximize your experiences in the field.…

8 Hot Tips to Prepare for the CNA Exam

Becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) is definitely a worthwhile career to pursue. The key requirement to becoming a CNA is passing the CNA standardized exam for the state where you want to be certified. The practice test is easily one of the top ways to best prepare for the CNA exam.

Several sources for practice questions and tests are available. They’re available in several forms, such as traditional books and online websites. Some are free while others carry a cost. Free questions are usually in the form of 50-100 multiple choice questions, and include an answer key at the end. On the other hand, paid questions and tests are offered electronically online. They’re timed and scored professionally in order to simulate the real test-taking environment. It’s important to take the right steps to maximize the effectiveness of practice tests. Here are some helpful tips:

Tip #1: Use quality study tools

Look for websites that provide tons of information for the CNA exam. For example, if you’ll be taking the exam in a particular state, then you’ll need details about taking the exam in that state, such as the requirements they have. It’s important to look for the best study tools available, to provide you with all the information you need to apply for the CNA exam.

Tip #2: Look for answer keys with comprehensive explanations

While getting practice test questions wrong isn’t the most fun experience in the world, it’s important for it to be a learning experience. Comprehensive explanations in the answer key can help to solve that problem. In particular, you’ll learn precisely why one answer was correct, even if some of the other options were similar. This helps to maximize the effectiveness of the test-prep.

Tip #3: Use forums and other sources

Forums are one of the best resources for individuals preparing to take the CNA exam. It allows them to talk and share with others who are preparing to take the exam. There are scores of online resources to use, so it’s highly advisable to search for the ones that best suit your needs.

Tip #4: You must be certified in the state you wish to work

This fact can’t be stressed enough. In order to be certified in a particular state, you must meet the certification requirements of that particular state. In other words, you can’t simply transfer your certification from another state to your current state. That’s not all. It’s just as important that your certification be valid in that state. If your certification expires, sometimes you’ll have a grace period to renew your certification. Also, keep in mind that you’ll need to renew your certification every two years. As with any other renewal, make sure that you get the ball rolling as soon as possible.

Tip #5: Get help from friends and relatives

It’s important to use every person and means possible in order to maximize the effectiveness of your CNA exam preparation. For example, you could have someone read your questions from a flashcard, give you a pop-quiz, etc. Even current CNA employees and professors can help you to train for your exam. You could have a conversation with someone who’s an expert on info that can be included on the CNA exam.

Tip #6: Check if a test-prep website has information about the author

Typically, a CNA study guide is an excellent tool to prepare for the CNA test. However, you should be cautious when using a website to prepare for your exam. Always verify that there’s a section about the author. This helps to verify the expertise of the information and practice questions/tests on the website. This isn’t to say that someone necessarily has to be in the CNA industry in order to provide quality questions. However, it will certainly increase the likelihood.

Tip #7: Take as many practice tests as possible

You can find many practice tests that are absolutely free, so why not take several of them? The main benefit is that you’ll get used to taking the actual test. You’ll accustom yourself to the multiple-choice part of the exam. The paid tests tend to be more like the actual tests, so you should also take some of them. Taking several of both types of tests will help to maximize the effectiveness of your test-preparation.

Tip #8: Keep your eye on the prize

While it can be challenging to stay focused while preparing for the CNA exam, keep in mind that doing that will be worthwhile in the end. It’s projected that the USA will need 393,000 CNAs by 2016. Another thing to keep in mind is that those with CNA certification will be paid higher salaries than those who lack it. This should be motivation for you to become certified. So not only will passing the CNA exam help you to get certified in a particular state, but it will help to increase your earning potential.…

Second Degree Nursing

NURSEThese days, a lot of individuals have already become ‘second-degree’ nurses. Second degree nursing meaning, those people who are previously engaged in certain career but switched their career into nursing. These people who already have stable careers have realized that nursing is a good career to be in and they have realized that nurses are in demand these days compared to their old profession. This reason has become very known by most people. What they want is to make a world of difference. They wanted to care for people and be part of other people’s lives by giving proper care. Not everyone can be a nurse, or should I say, not everyone can be a ‘good’ nurse. But take note, second-degree nurses come from all walks of life.

If you are interested into getting into a nursing career, there are so many breaks that you can choose from, you can go in different hospitals, or you may choose to work in nursing homes, medical facilities, schools, drug companies and many other public health locations. You may also be in direct patient career, this is actually one of the very common nursing job there is. Rehabilitation facilities also offer great jobs for nurses. Assisting wounded individuals to get well is an additional break for nurses.

If we look into it deeply, you will find that there are so many opportunities for individuals when they choose to convert into becoming a nurse and these opportunities just continue impending, even today. Particularly for second-degree nurses, they can syndicate their skills from their former job with nursing. In fact, this makes them a better nurse considering that they already have existing knowledge in a different field. Example, a former nursery teacher may use his or her teaching skills in teaching their child patient while they’re on the process of recovering. Or they may probably teach about health topics to people that are in the hospital, like the patient’s guardian. Another example is a lawyer who switched on becoming a nurse. He or she may use his or her skills as a lawyer to volunteer to help in building rules that are fair to patients and staff in the hospital or in whatever health facility.

Now, if you are considering of taking nursing as your second career, then go for it. Being a nurse of today is never a late decision, considering that the demand for nurses is still growing. Becoming a nurse not only presents a lot of opportunities for the society, but it does not necessarily mean that you will leave your old life behind, you are just switching into a career to give care to people. Nursing and your earlier job can go hand in hand and work together efficiently. Nursing as a second degree will never be a depraved choice. In fact, it safeguards the protection of your future. Significantly, one must not get into nursing just because of the money, but they need to make certain that one walks in this career because they are keen into help and care for other individuals.…

Nursing Assistants Assisting Seniors

seniorsNursing office assistants are somewhat considered as the lowest position of the nurse practitioners found in a healthcare facility. In the early days they were employed without having any training and they used to acquire all the health care training on the actual work. Getting advantage of this, many nurse practitioners join a healthcare facility, get the training and then depart from work somewhere else to get much more pay off, so the business employers began signing a written agreement but when this idea failed, they made it their guideline to just employ just a certified nursing assistant because they have all the training and they can get to perform the job without the need of any additional training.

Health care facility wanted to hire nurse practitioners with a certified degree whatever nursing jobs they are applying for. Nursing assistant jobs are not really hard to find in the United States mainly because their demand from clients has elevated in the past years. The main quality essential in nurses is hospitality and as soon as you have this character, you must realize that you’re entitled for this kind of job.

There are nursing assistants who are assisting senior citizens in retirement homes. They care for these elderly and ensure that all their demands and necessities are looked after. You can get you nursing assistant education online if you get it finished through the right site. This training course will go on for a year or two and you can get it finished at your own ease. The theoretical or non clinical section can be accomplished online but the practical or the medical part has to be carried out at a health facility. There are numerous health amenities that supply internships for those who want to go after an education in nursing assistance, and you can get yourself registered with the closest center in your region.

When you are obtaining a training course online there are a range of programs to decide on, and you can pick one that appears to be more comfortable to you. In taking care of older persons, patience and hospitality is essential and these are the most important features that one looks for in a nursing assistant. If you don’t mind doing work for a a bit cheaper pay then you can apply for this job and you will be educated to provide excellent services to the patients. Slowly with sufficient knowledge you can be promoted form a nursing assistant to a head nurse where the pay and the post will go up.

Presently, a lot of our seniors are starting to be members at retirement homes or senior citizen accommodations and because of this, the necessity of nursing assistants has improved on a higher scale. The degree prerequisites of different states vary and so you must get your education based on to the requirements of the state so that you get a job very easily. Once you have achieved an education and have obtained a job as a nursing assistant at a senior citizen accommodation center then you will be educated to provide high quality services to their members. So the initial factor you need to select which education will fit you best and you are all set.…

Overseas Certified Nursing Assistants

Nucna overseasrsing homes and hospitals all over the world frequently have ongoing employment promotions to bring in nursing assistant personnel for long term positions. Generally the job of a nursing assistant is now seen as a main position in the healthcare and as such, created a large need in employment vacancies.

Hospitals and nursing organizations are confronted with the perspective that nursing assistants are becoming part of an aging labor force. This provides issues in itself as with an aging labor force comes age-associated ailments, loss of physical condition, responsibilities to family members and more essentially the lack of attention to work as most are economically safe from retiring spouses. Once there was a large informal pool where NUM’s could call around searching for employees to employment on short notice. These days have now dried out as the informal pool has highly decreased.

This departs you in the exact scenario where you can begin your CNA training to grow to be a certified nursing assistant. You will be certain that once you have completed your training, finding a job will not be that challenging. The truth is, you will find that employment opportunities will come with monthly payment of an above standard rate, increased allowances, rosters that fill your lifestyle and working situations to make certain you are well compensated for taking up a job. Do not be surprised of being offered full time long term career.

If you are thinking about coming back to the workforce after bringing up your family members, or you are long termed between jobs or simply wish for a career change, then getting into the healthcare industry as a nursing assistant should be your vital concern. If you have just finished your education and learning and seeking for a career journey, keep in mind that nursing institutions and hospitals are in need of young personnel who are in shape and healthy. Not only this but males are reinforced to finish their training as a male presence in a nursing home or hospital offers stability and they can provide help to many other staff.

As can be read here in this write-up if there is a need in your nearby region then rest assured there will be just the same need all over the world. This means career opportunities in a different country or inter-state. Think about taking a working getaway around the world where you get the chance to employment in leading hospitals. Often such opportunities come with lodging so that means you do not have to get a area to stay, often having lodgings provided for free and very close to your work area.…

Dealing with death in your career as CNA

cnaCNAs primary role is to make sure that patients get the very best possible treatment and satisfy their every demand. CNAs will not just cope with the patients’ fundamental demands but also work with their psychological and emotional needs as well. One of the hard situations in the job of the CNAs is dealing with death. Particularly if they are completely new to the job. In some cases, there are some CNA classes that have not fully tackle this part given that only knowledge can offer the learning experience required.

Fatality may be challenging to cope with particularly for the affected person and their family members and keeping their needs is one of the initial actions for the CNA to carry out in the midst of loss. Dealing with an unexpected death will also mean coping with it in the way called for in the patient’s religious beliefs so there may be reading of spiritual scripture, praying and other spiritual routines, so being respectful is very much significant. Although passing away could be tough for most people involved together with the nursing assistant and the nursing assistant may not know how to handle it, a CNA merely needs to do the best they can to merely make the affected person be at ease. This is also a moment to be the base of comfort to the patient and their family members. It takes a special kind of person to show this empathy and not every CNA has this potential and CNA classes are unable to train this ability.

Throughout the last days, just keep on making the patient comfortable. Always keep them clean and ensure that their lips are not dry which normally happens during these last days. Always bear in mind the specifics of each and every dying patient. If they want to be switched regularly to minimize distress, make sure that this is carried out. Check their body temperatures, and make the needed adjustments if needed. While you may not constantly know what to express to the patient and their family members and how to be of comfort to them, you can at least know what to do to make this time less difficult on the patient and their family members.

CNA classes and job orientation will also instruct some of the indications of death to watch out for and record on the patient’s graph and or chart which may consist of changes in inhalation, muscle tone loss, decreasing blood circulation, blurry eyesight, incoherence, and many others. Inform the nurse in charge for any important changes in the patient right away.

Other methods that you can help a dying patient is to read to them their most desired verse or book, hold their hand, or anything else. Whichever you are comfortable with doing at this time, may do. Many will not be taught during CNA classes but simply come up from just being human and how you would want to be taken care of whenever you are in their case. Many CNAs may turn into becoming affixed to patients and following their death may have a difficult experience with the job. During this time, counseling solutions will generally be offered by the company. It is essential to take advantage of these solutions so that you can be of better provider to dying patients while guaranteeing that you develop the resources to manage death and dying patients in a helpful way.…

Ladder System for Certified Nursing Assistants

imagesUsing the simulation of a new Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH) system, in cooperation with the Tulsa Community College along with Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education, more than $370,000 has been devoted to the free education and accreditation of around 1,000 nursing assistant students in the year 2010.

The ODSH builds up several of charges coming from healthcare agencies within the region which are charged for not adhering to appropriate rules, or for having unacceptably poor patient treatment. Occasionally, the CNAs at these health care agencies may possibly turn out being the primary recipient of the ODSH’s new system, as the objective is training and re-training CNA personnel to develop the Oklahoma state-wide patient treatment conditions. With the system, free CNA students are provided the tutelage needed to become Level 2 in the CNA standing, which offers a bigger wage, more duties and responsibilities, and of course the chance to enroll in the Tulsa Community College for additional training that may let them reach level 3 in CNA standing. However, further training is not currently included by the ODSH’s system.

With regard to non-taxpayer financed state plan, the ODSH’s free CNA training is taking the funds out of those agencies that have slid in terms of patient care, and enhancing the factors for the overall state to avoid such undesirable patient care from occurring in the future. Consequently, most existing CNAs having Level 1 expertise in Oklahoma will be qualified for the ODSH system to obtain free CNA training. The is able to serve the system as a career steps for recent CNAs: Assistant of Certified Nursing Program of Career Ladder (CNACL). With online learning factors, standard class, and medical laboratory job the CNACL program gears CNA trainees to take a CNA Skills examination at the end of the course in order to rank up to a better degree.

The solitary stipulation to the CNACL system by ODSH is that potential system candidates must already be approved into the Tulsa Community College as a way to be qualified. An entry to TCC is not an assurance of approval into the CNACL by itself, as previously described, you can find sufficient financing for around 1,000 CNAs in 2010. As a result, spot is minimal and quick applications are really persuaded right after taking the College Placement Test and getting at least an 80 in Reading and Sentence Skills. Candidates must also guarantee that they have taken a minimum of 12 credit hours, and managed a 3.0 minimum GPA, in addition to obtaining 6 months practical experience operating in a health care center. Lastly, candidates will call for a notice of advice from an officer at their place of work as a way to be considered.

With a study course load of 30 hours, the CNACL system is composed of 11 course materials of 3 hours each, for a total of 5 whole days of CNA training. Different subject matter that are included in the course of the CNACL system. After the study course, all CNACL members are needed to complete a state-sanctioned evaluation for CNA accreditation.…

Starting a Career as Travel Nurse

Travel NurseIf you are interested in becoming a travel nurse, you will first need to finish the education and training from the associated nursing school to acquire a Registered Nurse diploma. You may choose from any of the subsequent kinds of education and learning:

Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing degree (4 years)
Associate’s Degree in Nursing Program (2 years)
Hospital Diploma plan (3 years)

In addition to this, an individual should have the clinical expertise of 1 year as a certified nurse in the area of his/her expertise to go into traveling nursing work. It is advised that you have to acquire 2 to 3 years of experience for the International travel nursing jobs. The qualification of practical experience differ with the expertise. Like LPN/LVN necessitates about three years of expertise where by for Psychiatric nurse career, Med-Surg and Rehab you will need the practical experience of 2 years to get travel nursing jobs. Additionally, clearing NCLEX-RN test is a must in United States. In addition to this, you should have to get the permit of that specific state. Your travel nursing organization will support you in obtaining that. Aside from the education, training and experience you need to have a heart warming character, easy to adapt nature and good conversation skills.

Traveling nurse jobs is attained by means of the travel agency or travel nursing organizations that are linked with the hospitals. Travel nursing organizations not only aid you in getting the travel nursing work but may also assist you with moving, housing and registration with local government bodies. But you will have to be very cautious while deciding on the travel nurse organization as the services offered differ a lot from business to business. So always inquire for the overall services that travel nurse agency or company is going to offer while providing the travel nursing job to you. Do ask for specialized medical assistance, kind of health insurance plan and 401(k), type of lodging, income and associated benefits, work projects and loyalty plans.

Ideally travel nurse earnings is above the registered nurse operating in the similar hospital. In addition to this, travel nurse will receive the housing facility while on work by the travel agencies with common household furniture of washer dryers, dishwashers etc. Housing stipend is provided to the nurses who decide on living individually of travel agency. The amount of stipend is more than the exact income or it can be substantial. Travel allowances are also compensated by the travel companies that but the policy of the travel expense also varies. So you must make inquiries regarding this factors prior to having travel nursing work. Tax advantages are also granted if the nurse keep tax home while operating in the traveling nurse work.…